Meet Kevin Marsh with Happy Pet Palaces!


Mr. Marsh has been a cat owner and pet lover ever since he was 3 years old. His experience in designing and constructing pet enclosures, cat trees, and catwalks spans 8 years and as a business for 6 years. He has total devotion to provide pet enrichment by allowing a way for them to experience the outdoors while remaining safe from predators inside a powder coated steel enclosure.

I was in a condominium for the first years of my cats’ lives. Then I moved to a home with a back yard with enough room to provide them with two enclosures connected by a bridge. Their daily enjoyment of this gift is astounding. I wish to provide the same experience for cats everywhere with my products. They get both the enjoyment and safety with our “palaces”.

Why build an enclosure out of wood and chicken wire when you could have one with the safety and durability of one made from powder coated steel.


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