Meet Ali Thompson with Waggity Tales!

pet on the couch

Ali Thompson has two adorable dogs, Peanut and Biscuit. Biscuit loved hearing Ali read the popular children’s book about a dog named Biscuit, and Ali wondered if other dogs would enjoy hearing books about themselves, full of words they know. So Ali was inspired to start Waggity Tales, a company that makes customized books dogs can understand.

“Unlike personalized photobooks that only include your dog’s name, your customized Waggity Tales book will be full of words your dog understands. Get ready for a tail waggin’ good time!

Because it’s printed on fabric, your dog can interact with the book. He can paw at the pages—even give them a little lick—and they’ll handle his affection and remain in great condition. While these books aren’t designed for an intense game of tug-of-war, they’ll hold up to gentle play, and they’re easy to clean. The ink won’t wear off, because it’s printed through a process that safely embeds the ink right into the fabric.”

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