VERY helpful staff. Good traffic
– Angie’s Friends

Good crowds both days.

The exposure was great, especially for our local store. The staff was friendly.
-Santa Cruz Animal Health

Everything was great! We enjoy sharing our cats & educational info with the public. We love having a show in conjunction with the Expos.

We love this venue & event. We have already booked for next year!
-The Dog Training Club of Dallas Co

Great, thank you!
-Serenity Shines

Kept clean, well organized, friendly staff.
-Pooch Hotel

The pet expo really helped us put our brand out to the public. We received the greatest feedback! We were able to get more people to connect on social media.
-Pet Social

Ali is great to work with. Great crowds, location, very easy to get set up and start selling.
-Stubs and Stilts

Great crowds! Receptive people! Gorgeous dogs & cats! -Cedar Hill Pet Memorial Project
I enjoyed seeing all the pets and the vendors.
-Donna with Origami Owl

Awesome! Great turn out. Thank you for the opportunity to educate the public about the “disabled” fur babies that we have dedicated ourselves to rescuing and sharing our lives with.
-White Kisses Great Dane Rescue

Very good experience. Very helpful. Ethan was great. This has been an awesome adoption & exposure event for our 501(c)3 rescue.
-Recycled Pomeranian Rescue

It was amazing! It was busy and kept my business busy. Very fun. This was such a great event. Very clean and a lot of people attended. Will return.
-The Pampered Pooch Shop

Everything was great!
-Community Pet Outreach

This was my first year as an exhibitor. Overall great turnout. Learned a lot from others as well! Great social networking!
-Mercy Animal Clinic

-Sunsmart Windows & Doors

Great. Lots of traffic.
-Dallas Cat Lady

Great show. Lots of great vendors and products.
-Our Crazy Cat

Great attendance by spectators. Was way more than I expected. Got to meet and greet lots of dogs & a few exotic species I had never met!

Absolutely amazing and fun. We got great exposure. Ruffit Dog Carriers was a hit!
-Ruffit Dog Carriers

Best show yet! Very well organized! Love working with you guys. Love Cody & Matt!
-Pets 4 Christ

Very good experience.
-Lucky Dogs Lure Coursing

Consistent crowd both days. Very clean.
-Sea Cay LLC

Great time – animals were able to run and play outside. We had a great time and enjoyed the traffic flow.
-Tropical Oasis

I seemed to get a good response from pet owners. It was fun to see all the different dogs and cats and even some more exotic animals. I got great exposure at this show.
-Pet Portrait Artist – Carol Stoecker

Good neighbors, nice people.
-Veterinary Referral & Emergency Hospital of Arlington (VREHA)

Overall positive experience.
– Wags & Swag

Made lots of new contacts with rescue groups. Booked several weddings for the fall and spring of 2017.
– Green Dog Chic

Very great experience. Everything was great. Pet Expo’s staff was excellent, every nice, and always willing to help.
– Petz Sidekick Services

The show was a great experience. We were happy to see consumers come back the second day.
– DreamBones

Makes it easy to connect with people who have a love for animals. We were able to find volunteers with military background plus animal people to help in our organization.
– Cedar Hill Pet Memorial Project

Our service dog company was treated with so much care by the staff and patrons of the event. We will be coming back next year.
– Scout’s Legacy Service Dogs

We met a lot of great people who needed affordable care for their pets or wanted to share our services with others. Great outreach and branding opportunity.
– Spay Neuter Network

Show had great traffic.
– Silver Pet Prints Texas

Loved my location and the expo staff.
– 3G Brand

Staff was friendly and made contact a lot. They listened to and handled concerns quickly and efficiently. Very easy and pleasant to work with.
– Shiloh’s Road to Hope

We love the Expo. It is a great opportunity for pet owners to enhance their animal’s life in many ways!
– Community Pet Outreach

This expo was a great opportunity for my business. I loved all the exposure that I had. I would definitely do it again and recommend being an exhibitor at thePet Expo.
– Fluffy Mitts Pet Sitting

 I have been in experiential marketing for close to 7 years and have worked hundreds of events, festivals, fairs and expos. While there have been many individuals at different events that were easy to work with, I have never had an entire staff that all took pride in making the vendors life as easy as possible. Every single person associated with Amazing Expos greets you with a smile and always is there to help. They turn problems into solutions and do everything in their power to help. No problem or question is too big or small. They treat them all with the same conviction as if they were the vendor. It has been nothing but a treat to work with Amazing Expos. I have done 3 events with them thus far and after the first event it was like I was seeing an old friend again when we got to the others. I wish all organizers were half as easy to work with as Amazing Expos. Truly an amazing company and even more importantly and amazing group of people. 
– Science Diet

 The staff is very cordial and helpful. They located a cart to help transport although they weren’t obligated to do so. Thank you very much 
– Cedar Hill Pet Memorial Project, Inc.

 Very helpful staff, loved meeting everyone and all the pet owners. 
– Petsicle

 One of the most organized and efficiently run events I’ve participated at! A doggone good job folks!
– Annete Bridges, Author

 If you have a pet business, this is a must show to do each year! 
– PawTalk Radio

  We love the pet expo!! Everyone is extremely pet friendly. We will come back year after year! 
– A Wagging Tail Pet Salon

 We loved the opportunity to showcase our group. We will definitely return next year and continue to improve our exhibit area!
– North Texas Cat Rescue

 The Dallas Pet Expo allowed our group to be seen by a demographic that is new to us. We were able to spread word of our non-profit.
– Sponsor Adoptions

 We personally wanted to thank the show staff and all the support crew for making the day so successful. You’ve worked hard and it shows. 
– Wiki Wags Disposables

 Everything was perfect! Communications, staff, parking, load in, temperature and the lighting. 
– Focus for a Cause

 The Dallas Pet Expo was a great way for us to raise funds and bring awareness for Senior and Special need hospice dogs. 
– Bark n Rest Retirement Center

 Great environment, awesome pets and owners. This was my first pet expo and look forward to more expos later on. 
– Jack and Izzy’s Gourmet Dog Treats

 Great traffic. Many contacts for rescue fundraisers. Loved it! 
– Jamberry Nails

 It was such a pleasure working with the amazing pet expo staff in Dallas. They really went above and beyond to ensure we had a positive vendor experience. Looking forward to Phoenix next weekend! 
– Hill’s Science Diet

 Thanks so much for putting this great event together! Well organized and the traffic flowed well. 
– I-20 Animal Medical Center

 It was a great time to reconnect with other rescues, learn of new products, meet new people and show off our ferrets letting people know what ferrets are all about! 
– Texas Ferret Lovers Rescue

 Enjoyed show – true animal lovers were in attendance. 
– Animal House Chiropractic

 Good crowd. 
– Banfield Pet Hospital

 Great! This pet expo was a very successful, organized event. 
– Bare Bones Author Dog Chews

 It’s been a great experience and a great show for us! 
– Blue Dingo

 The overall experience was good. The staff inside was great. 
– Community Pet Outreach

 Thank you so much for having us! The staff was great! Had fun! 
– DFW Reptile Rescue & Donations

 The pet expo staff are so wonderful with handling all of the process from start to finish. This was our second year exhibiting and we are pleased with how our club was promoted before and during the Expo. We will definitely be back. Their wonderful work with all the rescue groups is so amazing! 
– Dog Training Club of Dallas County

 Best venue and decorations. The best I’ve seen around. 
– Fairy Tails

 Busy, busy, busy. Plenty of attention and excitement to respond to. 
– TX Ferret Lovers Rescue

 It was fantastic. The staff were so supportive…it was unbelievable. 
– GG’s Grrific Dog Treats

 Nice, consistent flow of traffic all day right up to closing. 
– Hots for Mutts Dog Rescue

 Good family event. 
– Lasting Expressions

 Good crowds, well publicized. Overall happy with the experience. 
– My Lucky Dogs

 Great exposure, good variety. 
– Nolan River Kennel Club

 Excellent product exposure to public and vendors. 
– Nutri Source

 It was good for my first time here. 
– Origami Owl Jewelry

 As always, excellent customer service from staff. 
– Petzlife

 Once again, great attendance! Pet Expo is a great avenue to show case any pet product. The attendees come to find unique items and to save money. I’m glad we signed up with Amazing Pet Expo! 
– Vetcare

 I had a great time! 
– Young Living Essential Oils

 Lots of traffic. 3 dogs adopted and 2 new fosters. 
– Recycled Pomeranians

 Thought the show was well organized and an overall success for both visitors and vendors. Enjoyed seeing returning vendors as well as lots of new ones! Thanks APE for another successful show! 
– Wiki Wags

– Texas Coalition for Animal Protection

 Very good, easy to do and fun. Fun and thriving event. We loved that we got a chance to do a presentation about BSL. We are really new to the area and got a chance to meet and greet a lot of new people. We also got a chance to promote our name. 
– North Texas Pit Bull Alliance

 We enjoyed the show. 
– Dog Scouts of America

 Very welcoming and orderly. With the experience of training dogs, competing, providing seminars for 20 years I can honestly say The Amazing Pet Expos are top notch! Very inviting, organized, and professional. All the people from marketing to coordinating were super efficient! We look forward to seeing and helping it grow! 
– Micmac Teaching for Dogs

 We sold twice as much product at this show. Great! It’s a great show for sales and networking! 
– Stinkers Odor Killer

 Very much fun, loved all the animals. Loved collecting tips for our free service so we could send monies to OSU for all the care they give to tornado displaced and injured animals. 
– A Wagging Tail Pet Salon

 We had fun, good foot traffic, and helpful staff. 
– Society for Companion Animals

 Professional, attention to detail and great service from set-up to break-down. Thoroughly enjoyed working with staff. 
– Paws for Water

 The Dallas Pet Expo gave our rescue and adoptable dogs some fantastic exposure! We also had a wonderful opportunity to share our fundraising event with the attendees! 
– Hound Haven

 Dallas Pet Expo really knows how to put on a show! Great vendor support before, during, and after the show. Looking forward to next year! 
– Dallas Dog Life

 This was our group’s first time to attend a Pet Expo. We enjoyed the experience and talked to a lot of people about their pets and meeting them. It’s nice to see how many people have spayed/neutered their pets. It was a great experience. 
– Protective Animal League

 Wish you had come sooner to Dallas! 
– R&R In Home Animal Care Services

 Everything went without a hitch! Booth was set-up, pipe and drape, tables, chairs and carpet ready. Painless show to exhibit at, and good traffic all day. 
– Lucky Glider Rescue

 Dallas Pet Expo was a great event to have the public see our pets up for adoption and great to talk to the community about pit bull myths. The event was awesome with a great crowd and we look forward in next years. 
– Dog Star Pit Bull Rescue

 Staff was so friendly and helpful. Our location was outstanding. We appreciate the opportunity to speak to the crowd during the afternoon on stage event. 
– Winn Feline Foundation, Inc.

 Outstanding show, great crowds and very good exhibitor information to the general public. We at Benny’s Dog Resort highly recommend this show to anyone. Will definitely repeat. 
– Benny’s Dog Resort

 Good attendance and good variety of exhibitors. 
– Humane Animal Rescue Team (HART)

 Wonderful advertising and customer service. 
– Dog Training Club of Dallas County


“What a really great time we had! So nice to get my dogs out to a dog friendly event and check out all the services and good works so many people do for the fur babies! I got a lot of great information, got to support some rescue causes and just truly enjoyed the day with my babies and a good friend! Thanks to all who had a part in organizing and sponsoring this event!”

“It was a great event! Looking forward to next year.”

“I had a wonderful time yesterday at the pet expo. I can’t wait for the 2013 Dallas Pet Expo. Thank you for coming to Dallas. See you next year.”

“Came for a fun time but, even better, left with a new member of the family! Thanks, DFW Humane Society & Dallas Pet Expo!”

“We loved it at the Pet Expo and carn’t wait for the next”

“Had a great time!”

“Thanks to Dallas Pet Expo today. Jacquline Turrentine, Hallow, Scrappy and I braved the Texas heat and humidity and went through Expo. We had fun today. Saw lots of vendors and neat products. Meeting Shorty and Hercules was the highlight.Thanks for helping change Pit Bull stereotypes.”

“Thank you, Pet Expo for hosting such a nice venue. Congratulations! I think it was a success & I met a lot of nice vendors, rescues, and their dogs! Thanks so much!”

“Mayhem, The Service Dog Life had a super fun time at the Expo today!”‘

“We had a great time at the Pet Expo today! Met lots of great dogs, cats and their pet parents!”

“Yes and had a wonderful time. Thank you so much”

“Getting to meet the folks of Texas Husky Rescueand getting info on becoming a volunteer and foster”

“The border collie LOVED all the sweet friends who exchanged cookies for tricks and the open dock practice followed by a Lil frisbee drying time with his complimentary frisbee from the folks at banfield! Now his sister that didn’t get to come is prancing around the living room playing with the toy from BARK”

“I liked the variety of new businesses regarding the wellness care of the dogs Also, the white and pink poodle, Paris!”

“All the wonderful vendors and rescues representing animals!! But especially seeing our faveLegacy Boxer Rescue. Great time:)”

“We had a great time!”

“I had a wonderful time working theLegacy Boxer Rescue booth! I wish I had had more time to mingle and visit vendors!”

“Local vendors, good new education updates, interesting crafty discoveries for decent prices, all the rescue support and wonderfully behaved fur babies”

“Thanks for all the exposure our fosters received here! Lone Star Bulldog Rescue”

“Yes. Loved it. Enjoyed all the different booths! Glad it was free. Good to see my friends from the Dog Training Club of Dallas County!”

“We had a wonderful time and are already looking forward to next year! LOVE that it was free.”

“Alonso Love meeting all the dogs and moses my bulldog loved all the love he got from everyone at the show.”

“Visiting  the Ultimate Air Dogs. Oh, and let’s not gotget about the few cats and kittens up for adoption.”

“Enjoyed dock diving, the pet friendly environment, and adoption promotions.”

“It was great to see all the vendors and different rescues.”

“I liked seeing all the different dogs and all the great vendors.”

“All the dogs were totally awesome.”

“Loved seeing all the different rescues and vendors and loved seeing all the different breeds of dogs! I have to say though I loved all the attention my dog got! He was the shih tzu with the Mohawk! Everyone loved him and wanted to take a picture! LOL!!”

“Myself along with the other volunteers for Society For Companion Animals had a blast. My dog, the Toy Aussie in the pink zebra dress, is completely worn out.”

“Cristian Garcia and the Lone Star Bulldog Rescuse. Amazing people.”

“All of the vendors where great very informative and helpful and most of all meeting shorty was awesome”

“CBS 11 vendors all the wonderful dogs everything was great. Thanks”

“Enjoying people’s reactions to my snake  I enjoyed educating and the kids enjoyed seeing the huge snake!”

“Great event this year!”

“I enjoyed everything there! I think I fell in love with a few Greyhounds!!”

“I know this has nothing to do with the dogs but what I liked best was being able to thank a WWII vet for his service as his family brought him through the event yesterday. There were so many amazing people with their dogs, cats and piggy yesterday – it was great to see so many animal lovers!”

“Meeting all the Furry Friend!! Had a blast….thanks”

“Loved the event, we met so many great people and their dogs…lots of great stories too! Thanks to all the Pet Expo staff, you guys did a wonderful job! We love the fact that rescue groups and shelters are an integral part of the event!”

“love the event, costume contest is the best  a very fun expo, we will definitely come back.”

“The Ultimate Air Dogs! :0) Wished we could’ve jumped in too! Beautiful weather, fun people, and cute pups; what more could we ask for :0)”

“I liked having all the pet rescues there. I hope they were able to raise funds and adopt out some of the pets. I also enjoy the seminars especially pet tippers. Wished the other demo area would have had chairs around it. It would’ve been nice to have had more food choices, and seating.”

“I had a great time out here today!! Lots of great exhibits and information. Thanks so much!!!”

“At the Dallas Pet Expo! There is a great turn out today!”

“Had SO much fun this morning. Great to be around like-minded animal lovers! I’ll be watching for the next EXPO.”

“This was so fun to watch! Kudos to all the owners and their amazing dogs!”

“Guevara We stopped by and it was amazing!!”

“Mayhem, The Service Dog Life had a super fun time at the Expo today!”

“I had a great time out here today!! Lots of great exhibits and information. Thanks so much!!!”

“Thank you, we had a great time”

“Red River SPCA at Dallas Pet Expo finding furever homes for some great dogs! Way to go, y’all!”

“This was Lilliput’s first Pet Expo, and it was great! She got lots of snake love from the kids and even a few first-timers who were willing to give her a little touch. We also found a good reptile vet. Thanks, everyone!! ”

“Everything was great! But all in all everything was amazing! Thanks everyone for supporting pets!!!”
Claudia Ulloa

“Loved all the vendors and info given. My pets loved the samples I got to bring home. And I loved seeing all the pets that everyone brought out.”

“As a Rescue Group, The Big Fixx Rescue and Education, we were there and we had a blast! We met so many other Rescues, and Vendors for Dog/Cats, etc..such nice, informative people everywhere! What a great Event! Thank-you for allowing us to come and for the great booth spot!!! We did get pre-applications today too!! Yahoo!! My favorite part was the friendly visitors, and workers!! Such a nice atmosphere!!!”

“I had a great time. It was my first time going and I will be back next year. I loved connecting and finding all the resources in the community.”

“We loved everything. Very nice vendors. Great samples! Thank you”

“Thank you for another great event. We had a great time!”

“Thank you so much for hosting such an amazing event yesterday! We had a blast and our adoptable dogs got so much attention, we will definitely be there next year!”

“I was there working booth #504 with Summertree Animal and Bird Clinic. We had a wonderful time and felt the event was quite successful. It was so much fun meeting pets and their families”

“Had a blast and lots of free dog treats”

“What a great Event today at the Dallas Pet Expo!!! We had such a blast while there! Met so many other Rescue Groups, Vendors, and some of our good dear friends were there too!! Thanks April and Natalie for inviting Moriah and I to come help you ..we enjoyed our time there very much! Congratulations on your applications too!!! WOOHOO!!”